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Commercial Contractors Kelowna Accent Renovations

Commercial Contractors Kelowna Accent Renovations


Choosing a commercial contractor to handle your giant project can be an exciting endeavour. There are key issues including the builder’s portfolio and construction history you will want to take into consideration. Accent Renovations in Kelowna has a well-rounded team of experts with diversified experience to create your commercial space.

Community Safety Is First Priority

The safety of our crew, your team and regular customers is of utmost concern during demolition and construction. We have a well-organized plan set into place prior to breaking ground to ensure that all permits, bylaws and safety measures are adhered to. Accent Renovations has decades of Okanagan building experience with residential and commercial renovation projects. We understand the lay of the land and are happy to discuss the specific safety concerns for your particular site.

Accent Renovations Worker

Organization & Communication Equal Zero Mess!

Understanding the needs of our clients and anticipating the needs of their clients during the transition are all topics of discussion. We believe that accuracy and communication go hand-in-hand. If everyone is on the same page in terms of budget and deadlines, operations can run smoother and more efficiently. Understanding exactly when demolition is occurring and having all of the safety processes and waste removal set up in advance keeps our commercial customers (and everyone else in the neighbourhood) happy. Enjoy having a schedule to follow and being the first to know if anything is to change along the way. We are excited to hear about the specific features you would like to see included in your commercial space. Accent Renovations enjoys taking opportunities to exceed our clients’ expectations. If 2019 is your year to create a stellar commercial space, we’d love to hear from you!

Professional & Courteous Kelowna Renovators

We believe that being polite, punctual, positive and kind are key to bringing our best to each project. Commercial renovations has a variety of factors to consider including neighbouring businesses, traffic and pedestrians that residential projects don’t necessarily have. Our crew is dedicated to being highly visible and alert on every job site. We are happy to take pertinent information into during our designing and implementation phases to ensure maximum productivity for all concerned. Scheduling particular “noisier” aspects of the job will be done as minimally invasively as possible to remain a “good neighbour” throughout the construction. We are always happy to discuss how to incorporate the latest “green” technology into any job.

Accent Renovations Crew Repainting House

Kelowna General Contractors: Accent Renovations

If you have an industrial or commercial property that you would like to build to suit, our team can help make it happen! Regardless, if you require agricultural, industrial, retail or commercial space, Accent Renovations has the innovation to help you maximize your vertical square footage. Creating a custom office space or winery facility to meet your needs can drastically enhance overall productivity. Let us help you streamline the design and install the last bolt. Accent Renovations in Kelowna is happy to transform your commercial dreams into reality! Contact us today to get started.