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10 Things to Know Before You Start a Renovation

10 Things to Know Before You Start a Renovation

There are many reasons why you might renovate your home. Perhaps your house’s structure is in need of repair, or an area needs to be expanded to accommodate a growing family, or a room is to be upgraded, or maybe you’re just searching for an updated look. Whatever your reason, choosing a renovation that increases your home’s resale value  and at the same time increases your personal enjoyment of the place you call home is a worthy investment. But, as the saying goes, always be prepared, so whether you are repairing, replacing, expanding or updating, here are 10 things you need to know before starting your renovation.


Search online and go through magazines and articles to collect ideas and images to bring to the table. Talk to friends, family, and colleagues who have conducted their own renovations and find out what they did right and what they did wrong. Know (what you want) so you can show (your renovator what you want).


Proper planning means everything. If you know upfront what you’re trying to achieve and what is required to achieve it, then you’re ahead of the game. Enthusiasm can drive a project some of the way, but it’s proper planning that will ensure your renovation is a success. It is extremely valuable to enlist the help of design and project management professionals like Creative Touch Interiors to have all of the drawings prepared and the specifications of all of the finishes and materials needed to complete the renovation. This process also helps establish a realistic budget. Planning with a designer or architect technologist is key to keeping your renovation on time and on budget.  Establish your wants, needs, and expectations during the initial consultation with the planner and contractor to get some insight into what things might cost and possible limitations or challenges you may come up against to accomplish your vision.


Having a written contract gives you clarity, structure, and peace of mind that the renovation you want is being conducted according to your specifications and desires. A written contract spells out the arrangements between you and your contractor and describes your renovation in detail. It also provides protection for you in the event of delay, damage, or disagreement during the renovation process. Always ensure to take control over your renovation with a written contract.


Having a dream is the start of any good renovation, but to have a good experience, you have to be realistic about what you can accomplish based on your budget, resources and your existing home. If you are absolutely committed to the dream of something that you can’t afford at this time, see if you are able to renovate in stages.


Only Mother Nature controls the weather, and she doesn’t always let us in on what’s she’s planning. Weather delays or human illness can delay your renovation and drain your budget. Therefore, if you plan to absorb the time and potential cost of a delay, then you won’t be panicked if and when it occurs.


No renovation always goes 100% according to plan (no matter how well you plan). Therefore, as a backup, set your budget and add an additional 10% to the total. This is your emergency reserve, so that when unexpected expenses pop up (and they will) you are prepared.


This is an important factor to consider as it may greatly affect your budget. If the type of renovation you want to conduct precludes you from living in your home while it is being completed (for example, repairing or putting on a new roof, renovating your ground floor), then you may have to find alternate accommodation for the renovation period. This might involve the more cost-effective method of staying with family or friends or the more expensive option of a hotel or motel.


The more you understand about your renovation the better decisions you can make throughout the project. Start by asking your renovator a lot of questions (no amount is too much) and continue to satisfy your curiosity throughout the renovation. Never be afraid to ask a question you need an answer to.


There are many different ways to use recycled or recyclable material in your home renovation. Lumber is easily ground into landscaping wood chips or donated to furniture makers; bricks and stone can be used on other construction sites; and you can find and use reclaimed furniture or appliances from auctions or even demolition yards. It’s possible to find quality recycled products that look as good as new materials. This can save you considerable money, make your budget go further, and, most importantly, sustainability is great for the environment. Look into some Energy Efficiency rebates from the government or your utility providers when you are considering new appliances, windows, or increasing the insulation R values in the walls and attic spaces.


Here’s one last thing to know: find the right contractor. This one is easy. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and professional renovations contractor, the team at Accent Renovations has got you covered. We are an active member of the CHBA for the Central Okanagan, the Cascade Green Building Council, Canadian Green Building Council, RenoMark, and the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA). Our policy is to always recycle, refurbish, or re-use materials from our projects whenever possible and reduce our carbon footprint while supporting the local economy. Contact us today for renovation advice or to get a free estimate on your next renovation.

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