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Bathroom Renovation: The Latest Trends

Bathroom Renovation: The Latest Trends

Currently, bathroom remodelling is second only to kitchen remodelling in popularity. No longer just a bland utilitarian space, today’s bathroom can be a place of luxury and convenience. But there are many specific features to consider, and the amount of time you have to dedicate to the project, and, most importantly, the scope of your budget, are critical considerations. Prioritize what is must-have, and realistically assess what you can afford. Can you achieve your desired look with some new fixtures, a re-tile, and a new shower, or does your bathroom need a complete remodel? If you’re considering a bathroom renovation this year and want to heed the bathroom remodelling trend, read on about the latest the industry has to offer.


Modern sophistication meets old school comfort – that’s the current bathroom remodelling style. The trend is minimalist design and simple shapes and clean lines. Design elements such as large windows and natural lighting create a relaxed and comfortable setting, while the use of colours is sparse and muted, with white and grey the most popular choices. The feel is light, open and airy, using neutral and earthy tones as well as natural materials to create a comfortable, relaxed, and open environment.


The predominant layout trend is to create a focal point in the bathroom. This means adding specific elements that your eyes are naturally drawn to. Two eye-catching suggestions are a large walk-in shower or a freestanding tub. The tub-shower combination is out; separate washing facilities in. With a glass enclosure that allows you to view the inside of the shower and the much-desired floor to ceiling tile work, a large walk-in shower creates an open and ‘spa-like’ feel in your bathroom. You may also consider adding to this spa-like experience by including multiple shower heads or a shower seat or bench. With tubs, the most popular tubs are free standing soaking tubs or tubs with jets. And as far as sinks go, the double sink is a popular option that incorporates two separate basins and taps with lots of counter space to accommodate multiple people at once.


There are a growing number of technological options in the bathroom, with some of the most popular being: digital showering systems that allow you to control your shower with the touch of a button; water resistant music systems that allow you to stream music from your smartphone or audio device wirelessly into the bathroom; and smart technology that allows you to reduce your water consumption with low flow toilets, water efficient showerheads and water-saving bathroom taps. Most leading manufacturers have water efficient products in a variety of styles to suit any bathroom design.


Think about what you’re standing on. Durable, water-resistant materials like ceramic, marble and stone tiles are the best, though not the only, choices for bathroom tile flooring. Wood-look tile is an established favourite, so the trend has graviated more towards finding creative ways to display this type of tile. Cement, like wood, isn’t a new idea for floors and walls, but it’s a look that doesn’t date, and this trend has continued to be popular. Brick-look tile is an easier to maintain option than actual brick and you’ll get the same look and feel. And lastly, the classic luxurious look of marble is what everyone wants, but it’s also usually the most expensive option, so your budget will decide what you can afford. Always look underneath the tiles and see whether any damage needs to be fixed or leaks plugged before laying a fresh surface of tiles. And while you’re there, ask yourself whether you can afford radiant heat installed underneath the tiles to create a warm surface for your bare feet.

Whatever you decide for your next bathroom renovation, if you are dealing with plumbing or installations that need to be properly sealed to prevent water damage you must use a professional renovations contractor. Accent Renovations is your local award-winning, environmentally-conscious, and affordable renovation experts.

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