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The Right Flooring for Your Next Renovation

The Right Flooring for Your Next Renovation

So you’ve decided you need new flooring? Great. But that’s just the first decision of many you need to make. Planning a renovation is a process made up of various steps that each need to be treated with the proper care and consideration to give you the results you desire. Choosing the right flooring for your home is an important decision, and one that involves a lot of different factors. Appearance, texture, feeling, budget, style, lifestyle choice, timescale, ease of cleaning – all play a factor. Here are our 3 deciding factors in choosing your flooring for your next renovation.


The first question is: Where will your flooring be located? This makes a huge difference, and your type of flooring is the first consideration you need to make. It’s natural and logical to assume that you will pick a different floor for a kitchen to a living room, a bathroom to a bedroom. The kitchen is where food is prepared, or sought from the fridge and cupboards. For this room it will be best to choose a floor that is low maintenance, such as tile or linoleum, where dirt won’t be so visible. A living room is where people congregate, to talk and watch TV. Here a floor should be scratch resistant and able to handle (i.e. hide) the effects of furniture being moved around. Bathrooms get wet from condensation and from water dripping on the floor. In this case choose a floor that is slip and mould resistant. Most people choose tile for their bathroom floors for its ease of cleaning as well as its texture and appearance. We recommend in-floor heating be installed under the tile to prevent cold feet during bathroom visits (particularly in the winter). A bedroom is where you go to rest and to sleep. You want a bedroom to be safe and secure, warm and soundproof to avoid sleep interruptions. A soundproof layer may be the ideal choice for you here.


Are you single or married? Do you have kids, pets, or family members who drop by unexpectedly? In essence, who typically inhabits the space you are renovating? And think of the future too. You may be single now, but if you plan on marrying or having kids in the near future this may affect your choice. The type of flooring you choose needs to match your lifestyle. It’s no good choosing a flooring that is chic and expensive, only for it to be scratched and scraped by foot traffic and furniture realignment every weekend. If this happens, you’ll spend most of your time cleaning and repairing your floor, rather than enjoying its comfort, texture, and aesthetic appeal.

Another important consideration is your style. Your flooring in one room must match the overall ‘vibe’ of the rest of the house. This includes the furniture you choose, and the lighting of the room. Ensure to view samples of the new flooring during all times of the day – natural light changes throughout the day, and so may the look (and your choice) of the flooring.


Cost is key. You should never spend more than you have, and therefore you should always keep your renovation plan on budget. Get quotes for building and materials from different companies, and know your costs inside and out so you don’t go over budget. Time is crucial too. Start a renovation in time to finish in good time. You need to think about how long you plan on being in your home and how much the room you’re renovating gets used. You need to know how much your floor would cost to repair or replace, should the need arise. Making these choices and doing your planning beforehand will save you time, money, and ensure you make an informed choice on getting the right flooring.

And as for the right renovator to do the job, look no further than Accent Renovations. We are your local award-winning, professional, environmentally-conscious, and affordable renovation experts. For any project, big or small, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a quote.

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