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Outdoor Kitchens Ideal for Kelowna Cooking

Outdoor Kitchens Ideal for Kelowna Cooking

Even if you do run your air conditioning 24/7 during our sweltering summer months, Accent Renovations in Kelowna wants you to know there are other options! Imagine how much less heat you would generate indoors if you began relying on your skookum new outdoor kitchen instead! Keep the messes and heat outside and remain in the action by making a few simple adjustments to your current yard space. It is much easier to watch the kids in the pool and maintain your place in Trivial Pursuit when you don’t continually have to leave the festivities every time somebody needs some food or refreshments.

Capitalize On the Kelowna Climate

Enjoying the great outdoors is part and parcel of our gorgeous Okanagan landscape. Enjoy the ability to unplug and unwind and reinstate family brunch or supper outdoor style. Remain united with nature and dine with the hummingbirds and squirrels in the comfort of your own back yard. Butterflies, dragonflies and birds of all colours and sizes will captivate your attention and imagination. Accent Renovations can take your outdoor kitchen wish list and turn it into reality.

Your Outdoor Kitchen Exterior Oasis

Perhaps a stone oven has always been on your wish list. Maybe a fully stocked kitchen complete with an outside sink and dishwasher would simplify meal time and clean up chores. An extra fridge can definitely come in handy all year round in terms of cold drinks and food storage. Island kitchens and peninsulas provide a shady respite for doing art projects in between meals. Feel the breeze in your hair as you prepare your next meal and enjoy family gatherings more by utilizing space that is not currently being maximized. Our experienced crew can help you get the most bang for your buck while completing your project on time and on budget.

Custom Fit or Modular Kits

Once you decide on the basic kitchen layout that would be most functional and aesthetically pleasing for your yard, there are plenty of choices to make in terms of materials and budget. Make a list of necessities and items you would like to have if the budget permits. Collect pictures and design ideas that capture your eye to help you create a harmonious and inviting vibe. We can present you with some different design possibilities to help you make the best choice. Feel great knowing you are adding value and vitality to your space.

A Covered Kitchen or Dining Under the Stars?

Depending on your current shade offerings, Accent Renovations can help you increase your options. Gazebos, arbours, or covered patios can be incorporated into your outdoor kitchen design. Enjoy the flexibility that adding a roof can add in terms of year round usage. Retractable choices are a great way to have some respite from sun and rain while maintaining the possibility to see the stars at night. Whatever ideas you have in mind, we can make it happen!

Outdoor Kitchen Items to Consider

*Custom countertops

*Compact or full size appliances

*Shade solutions

*Wood burning stove or brick oven

*Patio mister to cool things down

*Container gardens/ trellises


*Stainless steel cupboards

*Exterior lounge with TV and stereo

*Seating/breakfast nook/bar/couches/dining table/chairs


*Lighting/wall sconces/dimmer switches/chandeliers

Summer BBQ’s Will Never Be the Same!

Plan to extend your exterior living space and enjoy the possibilities that await with your new outdoor kitchen reno. Luxurious relaxation can be yours to behold. Accent Renovations looks forward to helping you achieve an awesome abode that reflects your true personality. We love helping clients transform their properties into personal works of art. What items are on your outdoor kitchen list?