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Kelowna Renovation Specialist Tackles Basement Renos This Winter

Renovations that add value to your home offer much more than financial return. After all, peace of mind is priceless! Customizing your basement space to be enjoyable, organized and free from clutter can dramatically improve the energy within a place. Winter is the perfect time to address your basement concerns. If it has morphed into a dark, unwelcoming storage space that you hastily prepare every time you have company, we can help! Accent Renovations has upgraded basement renos options to deliver the welcoming and functional vibe you desire. Great additions to consider for your basement include:

  • Wine Cellar
  • Adult or Kids Games Room
  • Home Office
  • Spare Bedroom
  • Media Room
  • Full Suite
  • Artistic Space

Kelowna Basement Renovations Home Accent Renos

Renovation Specialist Handles Dark and Dreary Basements

Our team is committed to ensuring your new space is as efficient, bright and welcoming as possible. Basement renos provide a wonderful way to complete your space. Determining your needs will help you decide what you are missing and where to start. Having a new teenager friendly hang out/family room that can house company is popular. Creating an artistic den for painting, writing or building robots might be more up your alley. Wine cellars can become the unique focal point in your home and a warm area to visit and share your day with family and friends.

Suiting Your Basement

Many homes are naturally set up for a legal, secondary suite. With the rise of tiny homes and creative uses of space, there is a variety of compact kitchens and layout possibilities. Perhaps, you want more light and better access to your backyard. Patio or French doors can be a welcome option for providing light and access. Privacy solutions abound even for those homes with ultra-close neighbours. Strategic fencing, living walls, tree planting or pergola placement can create barriers that can be softened up with flowering vines, grapes or other greenery. Accent Renovations can address all of your concerns. Having a clear focus on your main priorities and communicating your needs can help us provide the pertinent details that will transform your basement renovations in Kelowna. Whether you are looking to include full-time renters or prefer to have a separate suite for summer guests, our team can help you maximize your space with the style, function and savvy you need to love every inch of your home.

Beautiful Basement Reno Accent Renovations

Basement Renos Kelowna

Adding space, more light, a fireplace, easier to clean flooring, a luxurious bathroom, basement suite or home office can dramatically influence your basement enjoyment. Trying to paint masterpieces or write essays at the kitchen table can be distracting. It can be tricky to leave important items out where tiny hands can explore! It can be magical creating the harmonious atmosphere kids and teenagers are drawn to if you prefer them hanging out at your place. The possibilities for your basement reno are endless. What type of space is your home lacking or in need of the most? What creative ideas are you continually drawn to? Accent Renovations provides award-winning space transformations on time and on budget!

Private Deck Access

Having a bathroom and entrance designated for your hot tub or pool access can reduce sopping traffic flow through your home. Constructing a well-thought out space can lower your stress levels by anticipating what you need to succeed. Having to get changed in the main bathroom or Master Bathroom and walking through the house to gain deck and backyard access isn’t ideal…we can help!

We’d Love To Hear What You Have In Mind

Contact Accent Renovations to get started on your basement renos today! We specialize in helping clients find harmony within their residential, commercial, industrial and institutional space. We would love to hear what you have in mind for your next Kelowna renovation!