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Accent Renovations Hidden Storage for Eliminating Clutter

Accent Renovations Hidden Storage for Eliminating Clutter

If you yearn for that show home aesthetic but find yourself drowning in clutter, you are not alone. If you find that it takes you half the day to organize your house and within a few minutes after school it looks like a bomb went off…we get it! Accent Renovations in Kelowna has a multitude of custom storage solutions available to help you de-clutter once and for all and regain your peace of mind.

Evaluating Your Clutter Hot Spots

Sometimes it is helpful to walk through the house with your family and assess the situation prior to any serious cleaning taking place. This will illustrate where your problem areas tend to be and shed some light on the situation. Are you dealing with school work and piles of mail? Has your family room transformed into Lego Land? Are there books scattered and missing under your couch? Determining the bulk of your problem areas will enable us to work together to deliver some great hidden storage. Built in cubbies with spacious storage baskets are simple to maintain. Perhaps a fold down desk could become a unique and compact homework station off the kitchen, in your home office or in a child’s bedroom. Recessed drywall bookshelves can transform your living room, family room, entryway, office or master bathroom. We recommend biting off one area at a time and before you know it, every room in your home will be functional and fabulous.

Donate, Keep or Toss

Clutter is simply exhausting and robs us of precious time and energy. If every cupboard is messy and your junk drawers are full, chances are you are spending copious amounts of time looking for car keys, pens and lids for your lunch containers. Accent Renovations wants you to know that you are not alone and simple solutions are available. Kitchens can enjoy extra space with a carefully planned island or peninsula. Our design team can discuss some great options. Instead of simply building and installing more “space” we can implement your intent and build with purpose and direction. Delivering useable and gorgeous solutions is something we are passionate about in every project.

Purging on a regular basis is a great way to stay on top of new items constantly arriving into our lives. Get the kids involved and work together one box or Rubbermaid bin at a time. Feel great knowing that someone will embrace your donations and they will not go to waste.

Does Unexpected Company Make You Cringe?

If you feel like guests are suddenly thrown into an obstacle course upon entering your home, trying to navigate shoes and outerwear without tripping, Accent Renovations can help. Unique entry way benches, transforming the space under your stairs into a useable area and expanded closets are great options. Custom benches and tables can be added to become an organized place for your keys, sunglasses and dog waste management bags or leashes. Adding shelving units into your closets can maximize their potential. Having accessible hooks and drawers for every family member will help the kids hang up their goodies and keep your entry fresh. Let us help you identify and eliminate the clutter in your home or office.

Re-Imagine Your Space with Help from Accent Renovations

Innovative and effective! Our professional team can implement storage in your staircase, add slide out shelving in your “wasted space” and help you tackle each room of your home. Kids trying to cram beds and desks can move up with built-in loft combinations or Murphy beds. End tables and night tables can offer hidden storage options with attached, sliding tops or discreet drawers. You can enjoy more for less. Remember, clutter simply attracts more clutter. However, the opposite is true, once you start to clear items and only keep those that add value to your life, you will find yourself becoming more diligent with what you decide to keep. Help your family sleep and breathe better by calling Accent Renovations in Kelowna today. We can offer some exceptional ideas for your organization project.

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