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Garden Greenhouses & Sheds Enhance Yard Aesthetic & Function in Kelowna

Garden Greenhouses & Sheds Enhance Yard Aesthetic & Function in Kelowna

How is your exterior storage situation these days? Are you scrambling prior to every backyard BBQ to stash the lawn mower and neatly pile away your unused planting pots? Perhaps your wheelbarrow has become part of your landscaping aesthetic? Accent Renovations in Kelowna can help you prioritize your backyard space and create a relaxing, functional and organized oasis.

Lose Those Exterior Eyesores

It happens to the best of us… meaning to de-clutter and finally have that yard sale is on many people’s list to do. However, taking inventory, collecting, pricing and advertising your extra household and patio wares takes time and energy. If you have been staring at your garden hoses, excess bird feeders and lawn sprinklers long enough; we can help! Our experienced crew can help you find the ideal location on your back or side yard that will provide an easily accessible location to store all of your garden needs.

Grow Organic In Your New Greenhouse

Many clients enjoy combining useful exterior storage with a garden shed and greenhouse all in one. This is an achievable feat with careful planning. Let the solar rays in to nourish your seedlings and transplants. Enjoy a bevy of fresh, organic veggies and herbs in your greenhouse and get a jumpstart on next year’s garden season. Tomatoes, peppers, basil, parsley, lettuce and cucumbers thrive in greenhouse environments (along with numerous other crops). Create the perfect place for over-wintering your semi-tropicals, including certain lilies, palm trees and other large potted items that compete for space every fall in your garage. We can incorporate shelving and storage under your gardening counter and a variety of creative hanging ideas to keep all of your tools accessible in one location.

Save Your Back (and Mess!) With Your Own Gardening Centre

If your spouse constantly gives you the hairy eyeball every time you come home with 4 cubic feet of potting soil, you’re not alone. Many people in the Okanagan are still on septic fields and transplanting in the kitchen (and cleaning up in the sink afterwards) can wreak havoc on your system. Keep the mess outside and simultaneously secure some vitamin D as you conduct all of your grafting, transplanting and seedling care. Let Accent Renovations help you create the exterior gardening shed of your dreams. Besides, gardening upright for a change at a suitable countertop level will help you save your lower back from hours of aches. We can assess your garden and storage needs and build to suit.

Relax and Maximize Your Back Yard

We know you will enjoy spending more time outside and entertaining when you can take in a tidy landscape. How many hours have you wasted looking for that garden claw or that spray nozzle attachment? Imagine having one place to store all of your hot tub and pool chemicals and garden items neatly and securely. Keep your property free from thieves by having your lawn and garden tools stored efficiently. We can match your current exterior or create a backyard cottage vibe instead. Whatever you have in mind when it comes to garden greenhouses and storage sheds, Accent Renovations can deliver! We specialize in re-prioritizing the space you currently have. Call us today and tell us about your back yard project.

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