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It’s Officially Patio Season! Expanding Your Exterior Living Space

It’s Officially Patio Season! Expanding Your Exterior Living Space

Is it time to extend your borders and embrace our gorgeous Okanagan backdrop? A new patio or deck can enable your family to enjoy more of the great outdoors without leaving the house! Accent Renovations in Kelowna loves helping clients maximize their square footage and expansive views. Breathe in the aromatic orchards and watch the wildlife from the comfort of your new patio. Our experienced and friendly team can help you assess your property to determine the best place to enjoy more sunshine, shade and smiles!

Perfect Kelowna Patio Vibes

How much more happy and productive are you when you feel relaxed and immersed in nature? Many people love to hear the sounds of the birds, water features and the wind blowing through the trees. Your custom patio or deck can transform your ability to take in the sights and sounds of your natural surroundings while incorporating more fresh air into your family’s lives. We can add stylish propane fireplaces and comfy seating to create a harmonious get away to enjoy year round.

Location, Location, Location!

Accent Renovations enjoys providing custom solutions to suit every client’s individual tastes and requirements. While many of us automatically think of a back patio or front deck, each property as unique considerations including:

*sun/shade factor

*existing landscaping, large trees, gardens


*accessibility (stairs, ramps etc).

Rooftop Oooh La La!

Sometimes, thinking out of the box is a more exciting and practical way to go. Rooftop patios are ideally suited for some families. There isn’t a much better way to take in the views and enjoy the stars or city lights at night. Creating a space for you to BBQ and entertain outdoors can make it feel like you are away on vacation from the comfort of your own home.

Outdoor Kitchens and Safe Spill Zones

How much anxiety do you have preparing for the endless onslaught of Okanagan visitors? If you feel caught in the revolving doors of having out of town company during our warmest months; you are not alone! Simplify your routine and create a buffet style outdoor kitchen. Accent Renovations can install exterior models of your favourite kitchen appliances in your new outdoor kitchen. Keep the mess and noise outdoors this year and from now on! You’ll never have to worry about scrubbing stubborn red wine stains out of your carpet again once your guests discover your new outdoor living space! 

Patio Specs

Are you incorporating a hot tub deck within your patio space? Do you require planter boxes and trellis’ for the ultimate veggie and herb garden? Our dedicated crew wants this renovation to be among your top places to enjoy within your home. Addressing mobility needs, railings, easy cleanup and taking care of all required permits is just a portion of the excellent customer service we offer. We understand the intricate details that go into every job site. The more specific a client can be with their wish list and want list, the better our team can deliver the perfect renovation to suit your lifestyle.

Arbours, Grape Vines and Fabulous Shade Solutions

Our full customer service experience translates to a finished area for you to enjoy for years to come. If you could use more shade on your property, your new patio or deck is an ideal place to start! Custom pergolas, arbours, shade sails and landscaping canopy’s are all thriving possibilities. What will suit your taste and compliment your exterior aesthetic? Perhaps a full solarium or retractable blinds are a better fit? How often do you see yourself utilizing this new space? Is it strictly a Spring and Summer location or are you seeking a year round benefit? Contact us today and share your ideas. It’s never too late to expand your exterior living space when we are graced with such a lovely climate.

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