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Renovating Your Garage

Renovating Your Garage

Fix it up or tear it down? Whether your garage is looking a little run-down, is so cluttered that even your car doesn’t fit anymore, or whether the structure is in fact falling down, we’ve all at one time or another thought of renovating our garage. A finished garage can become a workshop, an organised storage area, a play space for the kids or even a private den. A garage renovation brings many challenges, all of which can be overcome with some forward planning, guidance, and hard work.

Whatever route you decide to take for your garage renovation, it’s vital to make a plan and set a budget. Take the element of surprise out of the equation and know exactly what you’re getting into. We strongly recommend leaving larger, structural changes to a renovation contractor.


Starting with the outside, your renovation contractor will determine if the outside walls need repairing to restore the walls to their original state. The garage door can be widened and/or upgraded for better insulation and durability. Outside lights can be installed for both greater illumination and as a stylistic choice. A ceiling or wall mounted garage door system can be installed to replace a manual lift door. This makes opening and closing your garage door not only easier, but provides better security.


In the interior of your garage, make sure you have a comprehensive plan for any future requirements you may have. Ensure all electrical wiring is kept safely tucked away from any work space. It is always a good idea to have a professional electrician inspect and service your electrical systems. Finally, insulate the space and put up drywall. For attractive and efficient storage space, add wall organisers with lockable drawers for tools. Utilising the walls for storage allows you to more easily accommodate parking your vehicles. Install a workbench that can be used to store your tools underneath it or in drawers. Improve illumination by repairing or installing additional lighting. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls will also help brighten up the space. If your concrete floor is cracked, you can repair it by using a specialised coating systems or fillers. For an attractive finish, options may include epoxy coating, vinyl tile, or paint.


Garages are often used as a storage area for everything from tools and sports equipments to old photo albums and Christmas decorations. Sometimes it feels like no matter how big a garage is, there’s no free space amidst the clutter. But a little organization will go a long way. There are many options for your walls, including basic pegboard, or sleek panels that can hold your tools, ladders and shelving. For your ceiling, you can use hooks but you might also consider larger, overhead storage units to hold plastic bins and boxes. Using the space above your parked vehicle is perfect to store your holiday decorations or any other seasonal items that only need to be used once or twice a year. You can stop worrying about running over your kid’s bicycles by installing a wall-mounted bike rack.

Whether you’re looking at a quick nip and tuck or a complete facelift, you can transform your garage into a highly efficient space. Turn a worn-out, decaying or ramshackle structure into a safe, clean, and fully-functioning garage. Or turn an inefficient and cluttered space into an example of organisational supremacy.

At Accent Renovations we offer complete solutions to suit your budget. We will clean up and dispose of any debris or mess created during the renovation, always ensuring to recycle materials wherever we can. Contact us today to learn more.

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