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Masculin Moody & Light and Airy…can they work together in harmony?

Maybe it’s the darkness of COV-ID still looming, that has inspired a juxtaposition of dark and light colours in interiors and exteriors, or maybe it’s that many people are looking ahead to brighter days, either way, when it comes to interior design 2021, Accent Renovations thinks incorporating dark and moody colours to a home or office can still feel and look light and airy if executed well!

With many people focusing on remodelling their homes and celebrating individuality and uniqueness, we’ve created our own mood board for you to take a look at how you can achieve this dynamic and interesting look with a few added tricks of the trade to keep in mind when working with dark interiors:

Contrast – To keep dark hues from overpowering spaces, make good use of contrast to provide balance. Experimenting with different materials and textures adds depth, will catch the eye and stand out against a dark background. If walls are dark, you may want to choose furnishings that “pop” against that dark colour. 

Patterns – It’s always fun to incorporate patterns when we are creating spaces, but it is best to keep use of patterns to a minimum in this case. Dark colours add depth and vibrancy to a space on their own and create a perfect backdrop for that one bold signature patterned piece. There is no hard and fast rule that dictates how much pattern is too much, but we don’t recommend drawing too much attention with the use of multiple patterns in one space when trying to achieve this look.

Choose the Right Darks – To avoid a dull, washed-out space, be sure to choose the right, dark colour palette when trying to create a gutsy space. We explored some invigorating and exciting dark paint colours that would pair well with bold accents and contrasting colours – we even used some of them in our mood board – take a look!.

BM Raccoon Fur, BM Graphite, BM Cheating Heart, BM Onyx, SW Iron Ore, SW Urbane Bronze, and BM Classic Blue.

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