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Kelowna Kitchen Renovations: Add Value to Your Kelowna Home

Kelowna kitchen renovations are one of the most common renovations and one of the most important rooms to renovate in your Kelowna home. This is especially if you’re looking to add value to your home.

At Accent Renovations, we have completed a number of kitchen renos in Kelowna and know first hand that homeowners can get an excellent return of investment.

Kitchen Renos Kelowna: Return of Investments

As we enter the fall season, you may be ready for fresh, new change in your home. So, if you’re considering a Kelowna kitchen renovation, what are the key areas you should focus on to add optimal value to your home?In addition to adding value to your home, renovating your kitchen can also improve your everyday life.

Experts estimate that the amount invested in a kitchen should never exceed 15% of the total property value. For instance, for a home valued at $500,000, your kitchen renovation should not exceed $75,000. That might seem like a large amount of money, but the estimated return at resale is about 75%.

Keep in mind that this amount remains relative. Your ROI may be higher if your kitchen is already in good shape. It may be lower if your kitchen requires a substantial amount of work. Accent renovations can assess your kitchen and provide you with an estimate and recommendations before you dive into your Kelowna kitchen renovations.

Here at Accent Renovations, our renovators have compiled the top kitchen renovations to add value to your home and improve functionality.


Kitchen Counter Space

Kelowna kitchen renovations can make your kitchen more functional and improve your daily routine; perfect for the mornings when everyone is rushing to get out the door. A well-designed A kitchen remodel will have an incredible impact on your life.

One of the top complaints we hear from clients is the lack of counter space. Clients are often frustrated by the lack of counter space in their kitchen. If you’re struggling to find room to prepare meals, while your coffee pot, toaster and other appliances you may use daily are cluttering your space, a kitchen renovation will benefit you.

Custom designs, including a breakfast bar, an island or other innovative counter space can dramatically improve the functionality of your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

Enhance your cupboard layout with your lighting. Installing underneath hanging cabinets will effectively illuminating your kitchen; therefore improving meal prepping, visits and the time you spend in your kitchen.

Great lighting in your kitchen is imperative for an effective space to cook and prepare meals. Being able to see clearly while preparing meals will make a huge difference in the amount of time you spend in your kitchen and your cooking experience.

Overhead lights can be distracting and tiresome at the end of the day. They can even interfere with your ability to make food by casting shadows depending on where they are located. Inner cabinet lighting or under the counter lights, on the hand, will enhance your cooking dynamic and offer a soothing glow instead of a harsh glare.

There’s plenty of fantastic lighting fixtures available that will instantly improve the mood while increasing the value of your home because of the new contemporary features.

As the heart of any home, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to use their kitchen space for numerous reasons that have nothing to do with food. Discuss your vision with Accent Renovations today.

We’d be happy to give you our best recommendations and collaborate with you to help provide the best kitchen renovation ideas, clarify your vision and create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Kelowna kitchen renovations are sure to add value to your Kelowna home, while also adding a great deal of comfort, efficiency and functionality. If you need help renovating your kitchen, contact Accent Renovations at 250 869 7525.

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