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Accent Renovations Renovate and Organize your Garage

Accent Renovations Renovate and Organize your Garage

Spring is around the corner…contrary to what our continuous Okanagan snowfall has to say! Accent Renovations in Kelowna wants to help you kick your clutter to the curb and reclaim your garage. Imagine having a place to actually tinker in an organized fashion. One streamlined location for all of your tools, light bulbs, sporting goods and paint supplies. We can help you establish some organizational boundaries and incorporate a cool aesthetic at the same time. If you have always dreamed of having a “Man Cave” or “Creative Corner” without compromising garage functionality…we can help!

Storage Solutions Simplified

It is always awesome when we renew a client’s kitchen cupboards and can recycle some of them out to the garage. In other instances, custom storage solutions are easier to implement. Storage lockers, shelving units, rolling work benches and bench seating with built in compartments are some excellent options. It is so much more convenient to stow all of your camping gear in one location and to send the kids to their lockers for their sports gear etc. With easy garage organization you can enjoy having specific locations for your items.

We promise you will save tons of time once you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt whenever the seasons change. You will even be able to park your car in your garage next winter! Time and again we see people stuck parking outside and scraping their windows due to their inability to actually keep their vehicle inside their garage or carport. Accent Renovations wants you to know that you can have it all! Our talented design team can help you determine your needs vs. wants and sketch out some ideas to help you maximize your organization and your space.

Maximizing Your Vertical Space

How much extra room would your garage have if at least half of what is currently sitting on the floor could be relocated above? Implementing some industrial beams and heavy-duty hooks can provide a new location for those kayaks, giant Rubbermaid containers of beach inflatable’s and even your studded tires. Why pay someone else to store your goods when a garage makeover can help you keep everything tidy under one roof?

Your Adult Lounge Space Awaits

Who says you have to leave your property to experience an enjoyable date night? While your better half may not be initially convinced; an adult oasis is always a sound investment. Add a TV, Murphy bed, some comfy couches and a speaker system to entertain when you are gardening or washing the car andVoila! Your garage has suddenly become your family’s favourite multi-purpose space. Poker night or Netflix binging could be entirely different within your new “Man Cave/Family Fiesta.” Whatever you call this space, it will feel like a usable, functional and enjoyable part of your home. Wouldn’t that be better than that dark, cold place that no one likes to be in for more than 5 minutes? Let Accent Renovations help you reclaim your garage from those hairy spiders who currently are residing there.

Insulated and Ready to Enjoy

Clients are often shocked when they see how much heat loss their “unheated” garage is responsible for. Making this a functional addition to your home, we start from the ground up. Adding insulation where needed and sealing your garage doors and windows can tremendously help with your energy bills. Adding some efficient and stylish lighting is practical and beneficial. Plumbing in a sink is perfect for messy crafts, gardening and DIY projects. Refinishing your floor with slip resistant products will add a fresh, clean base and provide security. Replacing your garage door can dramatically influence your curb appeal and energy loss. The options are as limitless as your imagination. We are excited to help you take back the garage once and for all.

Get in touch with us today if you are looking for a garage make-over and we will help you bring your ideas to life!

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