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Top Trends for Bathroom Renovations

Top Trends for Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are no longer just a utilitarian space, most homeowners want this room to be beautiful as well as convenient. From ultra modern and luxurious to tranquil and spa inspired the sky is the limit when it comes to bathroom renovation ideas. Of course we don’t all have an unlimited budget and the bathroom can sometimes be a bit of an investment depending on the scope of the project. We’ve compiled some top trends for bathroom renovations to help you get started!

Before you start your bathroom renovation, make sure you have a plan. We’ve discussed in a previous article how to get ready for your contractor, and planning for any renovation project is critical. Start by realistically assessing your budget and prioritizing what items are a must have. For example, do you need to completely gut the room and start over? Or can you achieve the look you want with some new fixtures, or maybe some tile and a new shower? Sometimes even a small change can improve the overall look of the space. Here are some trends in bathroom design that may help you with planning your bathroom makeover:

Water saving solutions

Eco-friendly shower heads, faucets, and toilets are available in modern styles that not only look beautiful but are easy on environment as well. Toilets featuring dual-flush technology let you select the amount of water consumed per flush. Low-flow faucet aerators conserve water while maintaining your desired flow rate, while no-touch technology keeps things clean while avoiding accidental wastage. Smart showerheads allow users to control flow rates, pressure, and droplet size for a better shower experience with greater water savings. Most leading manufacturers have water efficient products in a variety of styles to suit any bathroom design.

Showers & Vanities

Selecting the right style of vanity or shower can really change the look of your bathroom. Seamless showers can create a luxurious open concept feeling and give the illusion of more space. Continuing the flooring right into the shower creates a sleek and seamless look. A modern pedestal sink can also be more attractive than a boxy cabinet style vanity, however you may need to assess your storage needs to be sure if this is the right solution for you. You can have a lot of fun with your design by installing a unique vanity and sink like the one featured below that we used for the Buck Lake project.

Tile & Flooring

Durable, water-resistant materials like ceramic, marble and stone tiles are excellent choices for bathroom flooring. Of course there are many options, including self-adhesive tile that can be applied directly over the existing flooring. You and your contractor will need to decide if replacing the floor is necessary depending on your design, budget, and whether or not there is any below the surface damage that should be repaired.  You can also balance out the cold surfaces of the space by using wood flooring.


Whatever you decide for your next bathroom renovation be sure to work with a reputable professional. Some smaller projects can be accomplished with DIY methods, but anytime you are dealing with plumbing or installations that need to be properly sealed to prevent water damage you should consult with a renovations contractor. For advice on how to find a qualified contractor refer to the CHBA website for valuable tips. You can see some examples of our work in our bathroom renovations gallery.

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