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Is your home visitable?

The importance of the VISITABILITY of a home

What is “visitability”?

Visitable Housing is the concept of building homes that makes them accessible for everyone, including people from all ages and mobility.

Visitability does NOT offer total access, but does allow people with mobility difficulties to enter a house without assistance from others, and provides access to the rooms and bathroom on the first floor.

Is your home visitable?

The idea of a visitable home is to be convenience for everyone; people with mobility issues, those with children in strollers, those carrying large or heavy items, furniture, or equipment.

Three essential features are commonly identified for Visitable housing: 

1) No-step entrance (at the front, back or side of the house)

2) Wider doorways and clear passage on the main floor

3) A main floor bathroom (or powder room) that can be accessed by visitors who use mobility devices

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Making your home visitable

By 2024, it is expected that one in five Canadians will be aged 65 and older; that’s why people are becoming more interested in aging in place — that is, living independently in their own homes as they age. But how can you design your home so it will be ready when you are? Here are some things to consider:

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Make your front door accessible from both sides of the house: This allows for easier access for those who need it most — whether they’re carrying groceries or have limited mobility. This can be done by adding a wide stoop or porch or even just making sure there’s enough room between the house and sidewalk so someone won’t have to step off into grass if they’re coming from one side of the house.

Consider an elevator: You might not think about this until you need one, but an elevator can be a great investment for those who are wheelchair bound or have difficulty climbing stairs. An elevator should also be designed with safety features in mind — like a remote control release button installed on.

Regardless of age or ability, every person should be able to have safe access to the home.


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