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Accent Renovations: Providing Your Family with the Best Home Renovations Kelowna Has to Offer

There are many ways that Accent Renovations can provide you with the best home renovations Kelowna has to offer. However, the primary reason for the success of our business is our team’s passion for remodelling living spaces.

We want you to fall in love with the entirety of your home. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, or even a laundry room, we can help turn your ordinary living space into something extraordinary. Your home should be a space you look forward to spending time in, and our team’s expertise can make all the difference.

From utility spaces to just for fun areas, we can help you work through all your home renovations. We want you to love everything about your home and we are here to help calm your nerves and get you and your home ready for the renovation of your dreams.

If you’re hesitant to embark on your renovation journey, perhaps we can put your mind at ease with the following points about why our Kelowna home renovations team is committed to making your renovation experience as stress-free as possible!

home renovations Kelowna Husband and wife and their son sitting together at home and looking happy.

During Your Home Remodelling Project, You or Your Family Will Not Be Affected

Our team is committed to the safety and wellbeing of everyone on-site. We can plan to do specific items while you are out of the house, at school, or away if that is more convenient. We can set up a staging area somewhere safe to store our tools and equipment to keep it free from little hands. We have families of our own and completely understand your concerns. Our team is devoted to making the entire experience as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Our Team Ensures That Drywall Dust Does Not Settle Throughout Your Home

Drywall dust is a common problem for most renovations, but there are steps that can be taken to address it. Throughout the home remodelling process, we clean up during and shortly after each task to prevent copious amounts of dust from travelling throughout your home.

We can discuss taping off heating events and covering art, photos, electronics and other dust sensitive items prior to commencing construction. We can move certain items out of the construction zone as well. Adequate steps will be taken to prevent drywall dust from taking over.

Our Home Renovations Kelowna Team is Respectful, Friendly and Professional

Our home renovations team respects your time, and so creating a schedule pre-construction is necessary. And, when we are in your home, we exude the utmost professionalism. For example, if we are renovating your master bathroom, we will discuss the most convenient way to proceed. Some clients choose to temporarily sleep elsewhere to avoid waking up to our team members first thing in the morning! Some clients have young kids and nap times and schedules to respect—we can plan for it all.

We work with every client individually to ensure that we have a solid game plan prior to sharing your space. All of our contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. We remind our clients that a few days, weeks or months of slight disruption (depending on the scope of your project), is worth creating your personalized living space in the end. Not to mention, our friendly and professional crew is super easy to get along with.

home renovations Kelowna kitchen

Why Hire Accent Renovations Kelowna for Home Remodelling?

Over the years, we have received many Tommie Awards for Excellence in Renovations in part due to our work ethic and how we best serve our clients. We create diverse spaces that you will want to languish in indefinitely. Our home renovation team also delivers professional and trustworthy service, combined with intuitive design skills and deluxe craftsmanship.

Hire us for your home renovation project and you’ll also be supporting your community; for our team, supporting our local economy and preserving our environment is a priority.

Ready to discuss your dream home with our home renovations Kelowna team? Connect with us today!