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Accent Renovations: Kelowna’s Commercial Remodelling Contractors

Accent Renovations: Kelowna’s Commercial Remodelling Contractors

Accent Renovations is much more than just a home renovator—we also provide commercial remodelling services. We love to create commercial spaces that have something special. The space you work in should represent you and your company. Our team aims to transform your commercial space into the best work environment possible, utilizing thoughtfulness and creativity every step of the way.

Your commercial space should be a representation of your style. You spend a lot of time at work, so why not make it into a space you simply enjoy being in. While it might seem overwhelming to think about commercial remodelling, let’s work through some of the worries and truths you can expect with this remodel.

office space commercial remodeling


Commercial Remodeling Services We Provide

From helping you decide on which property and location will best suit your needs to remodelling your existing building or starting fresh, our designers and contractors can provide some different options to meet your specifications. We can work with your proposed growth to help you secure the perfect space to help your company expansion.

Once we understand your commercial remodelling needs and wishes, our expert team will assess the current state of your existing building and provide a detailed budget on new construction vs. remodelling.

We take every opportunity to communicate with individuals to minimize inconveniences that may occur during commercial remodelling. For example, special equipment and work surfaces can be covered to prevent dust forming, and temporary locations can be established on-site to help you maintain your daily operations while construction is underway.

We are also happy to discuss your current operation schedule and create a mutual calendar that works for everyone involved. Some clients have a shut-down period or holidays when they are closed during which time we can access the site.

Commercial Remodeling Ideas for Your Building

Our commercial remodelling ideas for your space depends on many factors including the state of your space. Is your commercial space old or new? What sort of condition is it in?

Older buildings may require a new roof or more efficient windows or even an electrical upgrade to accommodate your needs. In some cases, older buildings may also require asbestos removal or need an HVAC overhaul. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to start fresh.

We are happy to inspect your current site and give you a breakdown of potential locations within the area that may be suitable for new construction. Every building and business is unique. If your current location is a newer building, an expansion may be your best bet.

If your employees are currently parking miles away and standing up to eat their lunch, we might be able to find you a more suitable location. Accent Renovations takes all your concerns and your budget into account to help you make the best decision for your staff and clients.

Industries We Service

Our commercial remodelling services are versatile and so we service an array of different industries. Whether your business is agricultural, industrial or retail-oriented, Accent Renovations has the innovation required to help you maximize your vertical square footage to meet the needs of your employees. For example, with our team of experts, creating a custom office space or winery facility to meet employees’ space preferences and comfort level, can drastically enhance overall productivity. Let us help you streamline the design and install the last bolt.

office meeting room commercial remodeling

Our Previous Commercial Remodelling Work

We take pride in our hard work and see to it that the client’s creative vision combined with our expertise, comes to fruition. Our commercial remodelling project for the Associated Contractors office (shown above) was the recipient of a Gold Tommie Award in 2016 for Excellence in Commercial Renovation.

Associated Contractors is a unique concept space that was designed as a hub for independent contractors to set up their headquarters. Innovative design features included re-purposed concrete on the first floor, reclaimed materials throughout the office (including sliding barn doors, wooden tabletops, chairs), and, the Parallam staircase with LED lighting. The whole look and feel say “Reclaimed industrial with a modern twist”!

We have the capacity to create unique shared workspaces that embody the highest level of professionalism and quality in our industry. The Associated Contractor’s space showcases our team’s ability to incorporate both modern design and unique building material; with every project, we apply this same degree of innovation, eye for detail, and creativity.

You can see our commercial remodelling portfolio here.

Accent Renovations in Kelowna has a well-rounded team of experts with diversified experiences to apply to your commercial remodelling project. Get in touch with us to turn your commercial space into a reality!