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Advantages of Aging in Place

“Aging in Place” refers to the ability of individuals to safely, independently, and comfortably live in their own homes and communities, regardless of age, income, or ability level. With a growing preference for aging in place rather than downsizing or moving to assisted living facilities, it’s essential to recognize its importance. Whether you’re planning for the future or need immediate action, planning in advance allows for a phased approach that caters to your needs.

Cost-Effectiveness and Comfort: Advantages of Aging in Place

While assisted living facilities come at a significant cost, aging in place offers both comfort and cost-effectiveness, making it a feasible alternative, especially for those with limited financial resources. Given the lengthy waitlists at preferred facilities, aging in place becomes not only a preference but a necessity for individuals requiring additional care.

No matter how well-run a care facility may be, it never truly feels like home. Not only is there limited space for sentimental keepsakes, but it also reduces freedom & independence with set mealtimes, mandatory wake-up times and scheduled group events or outings. Many seniors prefer to remain in a familiar neighbourhood where they can be close to family, shopping, churches, and social groups.

The CAPS Home Inspection: Identifying Hazards and Challenges

Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) is an expert trained to guide and educate individuals on the necessary modifications to ensure safety and comfort while aging in place. A CAPS home inspection is the initial step, where potential hazards and challenges within and around your home are identified. From minor inconveniences to critical dangers, the inspection sheds light on areas that require modification. Following the inspection, a Master Design Plan is created, accompanied by a list of recommended modifications. This valuable document assists you or your contractor in defining the project’s scope and budget. Moreover, both federal and provincial governments provide grants and income tax benefits to support the costs of these modifications.

Ensure a secure and comfortable aging-in-place experience by starting with a CAPS home inspection. Learn more about the process and available benefits at Accent Renovations.

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